Ira Livingston

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Professor Humanities & Media Studies 718.636.3421 p 718.636.3573 f Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3 FL

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21/FA-HMS-308B-01 Romanticism

21/FA-HMS-431A-01 Topics in Cultural Studies: Modernism And Postmodernism Thought, Politics, and Creativity


Ph.D., Stanford University.


Director of Poetics Lab; publications include the digital book Poetics as a Theory of Everything (Poetics Lab Books, 2015) and the traditionally published books Where God Comes From: Reflections on Science, Systems and the Sublime (Zer0 Books, 2012), Between Science and Literature: An Introduction to Autopoetics (University of Illinois, 2005), and Arrow of Chaos: Romanticism and Postmodernity (University of Minnesota, 1997).