Maria Pichon-Riviere


Visiting Instructor Social Science & Cultural Studies 718.636.3567 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3

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Rocio Pichon-Riviere received a Ph.D. from New York University and holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires. Her book manuscript, The Skin of Politics: Latin American Phenomenologies on the Production of Difference, studies the works of an intergenerational genealogy of cis and trans women thinkers from Latin America, in the late 20th and the 21st centuries, who contested mainstream theories of political subjectivity to give a theoretical account of social difference. This work reconstructs a feminist phenomenology of skin while reconstructing a history of some Latin American dialogues with the global emergence of anti-colonial, feminist, queer, and transgender political movements. Her current interests include digital archives of oral history, decolonial queer transfeminist movements in the Global South, graphic novels, and erotic utopias. In addition to her scholarship, Roci­o has created art in the mediums of film, illustration, and photography.