Richard Leigh

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Visiting Professor Math and Science 718.636.3764 p Brooklyn Campus, Activity Resource Center LL

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21/SP-MSCI-282C-01 Climate Change Science-Core

21/FA-MSCI-282C-01 Climate Change Science-Core

21/FA-MSCI-382-01 Climate Change Modeling

21/SP-MSCI-382-01 Climate Change Modeling

21/SP-SES-635C-01 Urban Energy Management


BA Physics, Oberlin College; PhD Physics, Columbia University; PE (Mechanical), New York State; LEED AP.


Practiced laser spectroscopy at City College of New York and l'Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris; joined Brookhaven National Laboratory and switched to energy analysis and development of energy-efficient technologies; taught full-time at Pratt 1987-93; holds New York State Professional Engineering license; worked in the nonprofit sector as senior engineer at the Community Environmental Center and as Director of Research at the Urban Green Council.