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Adjunct Assistant Professor Writing Department 718.636.3790 p Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 3rd fl

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21/SP-LAS-699-01 Independent Study

21/FA-WR-320-01 Special Topics

21/SP-WR-320-01 Special Topics

21/FA-WR-331-01 Writer as Worker

21/SP-WR-390-02 Internship/Seminar

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University of Wyoming, MFA Creative Writing
Pratt Institute, BFA Creative Writing


Adrian Shirk is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Writing Department at Pratt Institute, where she also serves as the Internship Coordinator for the BFA Creative Writing program. She is the author of AND YOUR DAUGHTERS SHALL PROPHESY (Counterpoint Press, 2017), a hybrid-memoir exploring American women prophets and spiritual celebrities. Her forthcoming book on utopian movements HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH is out Winter 2022. She is a columnist at Catapult, and her essays have appeared in The Atlantic, among others.