Laura Elrick

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Associate Professor, Lecturer Intensive English Writing Department, Intensive English Program (718) 687-5937 p (718) 636-3573 f Brooklyn Campus, DeKalb Hall 104

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20/SP-WR-102-01 Writer's Studio II

20/SP-WR-320-24 Special Topics


BA, Media and Communication, University of Southern California; MA, Liberal Studies, The Graduate Center, CUNY, Thesis: "Affective Disobedience: Constructing Poetic Practice as Public Intervention"


Laura Elrick’s most recent book What This Type of Breathing Does will be published by The Elephants in 2020. Previous books include Propagation (Kenning Editions), Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School), and Skincerity (Krupskaya). Her transmedia performances Stalk and Blocks Away explore the psychogeographical terrain of post-9/11 New York and have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her writing has appeared in Bomb, Mandorla, The Brooklyn Rail, XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics, LINE, and Aufgabe, among other journals, and in the anthologies Viz. Interarts: Interventions, and The Eco Language Reader. It has also has been translated into French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Finnish. She lives in Brooklyn.