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Pratt Shows: Film/Video Senior Showcase 2024

May 13, 2024 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Film/Video Building & BAM Rose Cinema

The Pratt Film/Video 2024 Senior Showcase will be a daylong exhibition of thesis films created by the graduating class of Film/Video majors. The showcase will be presented as a series of screening blocks, with each block consisting of five to ten thesis films. After each block, the filmmakers will participate in a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Reservation required as seating is limited. Click on the block to RSVP.

Block A – 10am at the McKenna Screening Room (550 Myrtle Ave.)
“Vertical Living” by Milo Straghalis
“Sugar” by Alice Young
“Babli by Night” by Neel Soni
“The Fifth Ward” by Shane Craig
“Recall” by Kayla Jones
“I Love You, I am Crying Out for You To Bless Me” by Alanna Phillips
“That Little Bodega Next To Lorenzo’s” by Jack Nicoletti

Block B – 12:30pm at the McKenna Screening Room (550 Myrtle Ave.)
“Funnel Cake” by Julia Messick
“When the Camera Wasn’t Running” by Ruby Kline
“Norman’s Knife” by Jacob Kosel
“Caged” by Dylan Castrillo
“A Bad Person Forever” by Sally McGinnis
“Stickers” by Asia Nurse
“Sting” by Evan Rivard

Block C – 2:30pm at the McKenna Screening Room (550 Myrtle Ave.)
“Unveiling Hour” by Zeynep Sezgin
“Late and Crying” by Richard Simon
“Analogue Nostalgia” by Yongyu Pan
“In Full Bloom” by Deniz Gonel
“Dressed as a Girl” by Alex Brinkman
“Scenes” by Moon Lijewski
“Ctrl + Esc” by Hitaali Dharamshi
“Dear Geraldo” by Adriene Klein

Block D – 5pm at BAM Rose Cinema (30 Lafayette Ave.)
“Girly Boy” by Cole J Crawford
“Entre o Ceu e a Terra” by Bruna Braga
“Chicken Killer” by Christina Sancho-Spore
“The Remedied” by Jake Pittore
“Agong” by Brian Chen
“Sandman and Huey Take Pains” by Nicole Tucker
“Tired” by Berin Selman
“When We’re Older” by Eliza Park
“Things We Couldn’t Take” by Sophia Crenna
“I Don’t Often Dream” by Julian Foy
“Blatant Interest” by Liam Barton
“Fool’s Gold” by Vidhu Kota

Block E – 8pm at BAM Rose Cinema (30 Lafayette Ave.)
“F#$& You Old Man” by Rob Woods
“Phillips” by Max Drexler
“Of Night and Wind” by Matteo Coelho
“Silent Disco” by Clara Coyle
“The Digestion of Jack Borgne” by Eli Gutierrez
“Aimya Biru di Tanjong Katong (The Water Is Blue In Tanjong Katong” by Izzy Osman
“Kid Nature” by James Moutsos
“Repatriados” by Moises Bazbaz Mizrahi
“Women In the Picture” by Madeleine Mazuzan

Pratt Shows are public exhibitions and presentations by Pratt Institute’s graduating students in 30+ different fields, now through May.

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