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The Daily Hub

A roundup of ideas and projects from around the Institute

  • Artnet featured the first solo museum show from Delano Dunn, BFA Communications Design ’01Novelties now at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center in Vermont—and how the food of his family has impacted his collage work, with Dunn sharing a recipe for gumbo made during his residency at Arts and Public Life in Chicago: “When I started the residency, I had just had some gumbo and was thinking about how important it was to me. I thought, ‘I’ll make a couple of works about gumbo—it will take me out of my comfort zone, because I don’t normally make work about food.’”

  • Students in the Design for Emergency Studio led by Ignacio Urbina Polo, professor of industrial design, collaborated with students in Puerto Rico and Spain on projects including a handrail system for nursing homes and a flood risk communication system for urban communities. See more at @PrattIndustrial.

  • Zhenru Yan, BFA Fine Arts (Jewelry) ’21, was featured by Arts Thread as part of the Global Design Graduate Show 2021. In a video story and Q&A, Yan discussed her practice, adapting to the pandemic, and her thesis project The Embodied Metropolis which has pieces inspired by architecture and cities: “In order to demonstrate that future architecture can strengthen the connection between humans, I made jewelry that requires two people to wear it at the same time.”

  • In “Potential Heirlooms” by Quintin Boucher, MID ’21, household appliances are designed to be easily repaired. The thesis project addresses the issue of appliances contributing to electronic waste with a toaster and kettle designed with compatible heating elements that are easily accessible using just a quarter to disassemble them. See more on @PrattIndustrial.

  • A feature on Bklyner highlighted how Tara Duvivier, senior planner at the Pratt Center for Community Development, is both a DJ and urban planner and how the two roles both focus on community organizing. Her recent sets include playing the 2021 Oscars warm-up show and red carpet.