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Welcome to this 5 part video course on Mindfulness.

Mindfulness can take place on an ordinary day, while washing the dishes or walking to the studio. I think about how many times a day I have the opportunity to notice when I am being mindless and course correct to being present in the moment. The challenge is to begin Mindfulness instruction and practice (both as a meditation and in daily life) with kindness and acceptance for ourselves and others. This approach allows us to form a better relationship with ourselves, from a better place with more openness, more spaciousness, and more creativity.

In this course, we share 5 video lessons which are small explanations of meditation, mindfulness, debunking myths, and developing compassion. Following each video, you have a chance to listen to the meditation audio file linked directly afterwards, and practice what we just discussed in the video lesson.

I’m really delighted to have this opportunity to explore these ideas and practices with you.

– Rhonda Schaller, Visiting Associate Professor in the Integrated, Mind and Body Program.

More modules coming soon!