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Useful Pratt Resources:

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Mindful Pratt

A collection of Mindfulness opportunities offered at Pratt as well as outside resources and readings.

Meditation Incubator – Pratt

A 10 week co-curricular course in meditation and visualization with a focus on careers hosted through the Center for Career & Professional Development. Participants choose to participate in either the live weekly class or the self-directed online course and gain access to audio files, reflection worksheets, and other course materials.

Wellness Resources on BLM and Allyship

A list of resources focused around Black Lives Matter and Allyship curated by Pratt Athletics and Recreation. You’ll find a mix of healing, wellness, and more general resources.

The Pratt Pantry

The Pratt Pantry is available to any student with inconsistent access to food. Whether the access issues are due to financial constraints, scheduling, or dietary restrictions, students can contact the Pantry to get the food they need.

For more information, visit Food Insecurity – Pratt or email for more information and assistance.

Healthy Pratt

Healthy Pratt offers a list of events and programming for students on ways to manage health and well-being. This includes general health resources such as vaccination information, mental health resources such as crisis lines and support groups, healthy recipes and workouts and more. 

For more information, please check out this resource list: Healthy Pratt or email

You may also follow @healthypratt on IG and Twitter.

Other Resources

10% Happier Coronavirus Sanity Guide

In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. The meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page will help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos.

The Breathing Class

A collection of different breathing techniques, tools, and resources.

Visit Breathing through Covid-19 for more information.

Education of The Heart: Dalai Lama Dialogues

In March 2018, in Dharamsala, India, home of the Central Tibetan Administration, an international group of leading education researchers, scientists, and scholars gathered with classroom teachers to strategize with the Dalai Lama about humanity’s future.

Visit Reimagining Human Flourishing for more information.

Mindfulness & Contemplative Resources 

A community resource collection. These resources include community meditations, readings, groups, and other ways to engage and support your mindfulness and contemplative practices.

Visit Mindfulness & Contemplative resources for support for more information.

Emergency Resources for the Creative Community

A collection of resources targeted towards the creative community and economy composed at the beginning of the COVID-19 lock downs. Many of these organizations have opportunities for the artistic community.

Tips for Maintaining a Creative Practice at Home

An article focused on how to maintain a creative practice from home. Many of these ideas are also great for anybody working from home.

Learning Lab – Made in NYC

An initiative by the Pratt Center For Community Development, Made in NYC connects manufacturers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with the expertise of the Pratt community to provide aid and support to local businesses. You can learn more about this initiative by visiting Made in NYC Learning Lab Supports Local Businesses with Pratt’s Creative Expertise.

The Science of Happiness

Redefine failure and find potential for growth 

On Being Podcast

A podcast about what it means to be human and our relationship to others.

The Science of Wellbeing Course

A free course from Yale University, offered on Coursera.

Resilience Training

A free training to get a closer look at what this term means.