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I-20 Application


Congratulations on your decision to attend Pratt Institute!

Most new international students at Pratt should apply for a new “initial” I-20. After receiving the I-20, new students will then apply for an F-1 entry visa at their local U.S. consulate. 

Students who already currently hold an “active” I-20 at a U.S. school should apply for a SEVIS transfer of your F-1 record.

For all students, once you are admitted to Pratt and have paid the enrollment deposit, you will be provided a Pratt OneKey to login to our systems. When you have your OneKey, you will be able to access the I-20 application form, which is available as of the following 

  • Fall semester: April 1 (best to apply by June 1)
  • Spring semester: October 1 (best to apply by November 1)
  • Pre-College: April 1 – April 15

We encourage students to apply early in the cycle to allow plenty of time for us to process your I-20, and for you to get your visa and make your travel plans.


The first step for all incoming international students is to complete Pratt’s online International Student Form (ISF)

After submission of your ISF, you will receive an email at your Pratt email address titled “Next Action Steps.” You will need to upload required supporting documents for your I-20.

After you upload the final required document, your I-20 will be processed within four weeks and sent to your Pratt email. We will only reply to status check inquiries after your complete I-20 application has been pending for four weeks. We appreciate your patience, as we process complete applications in the order they were received.

International students who will study on another type of immigration status (such as Fulbright J-1, F-2, H-4, J-2, E, etc.) do not need to apply for an I-20, but still need to complete the ISF.

Sponsored students requesting J-1 international student status (with SEVIS DS-2019) should email about eligibility, providing funding source details.