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Congratulations on your decision to attend Pratt Institute!

Most new international students at Pratt should apply for a new “initial” I-20. After receiving the I-20, new students will then apply for an F-1 entry visa at their local U.S. consulate. 

Students who already currently hold an “active” I-20 at a U.S. school should apply for a SEVIS transfer of your F-1 record.

For all incoming students, once you are admitted and have paid the enrollment deposit, you will be provided a “OneKey” to login to Pratt systems. Once your OneKey is activated, please set up and monitor your Pratt email address. Within three business days you will receive an invitation from OIA to access our Student Portal and apply for your I-20. All correspondance from OIA will be sent to your Pratt email address.

In advance of gaining access to our Student Portal, we encourage admitted students to review our I-20 financial statement requirement and prepare the appropriate documentation. For the I-20 application, you will need to upload a copy of your passport, your financial statement, and, if the statement is not in your name, an affidavit of support. Please prepare your documentation and apply for the I-20 with priority, so we may review your documentation, and if it meets our standard, produce your I-20. With your I-20, you can then pay required U.S. government fees, apply for and receive your F-1 student visa, and finally make travel plans.

Note that OIA policy is to process complete applications in the order they were received and we ask students to kindly refrain from status checks and/or individual expedite requests. For new/initial I-20s, you will receive notification to access your new I-20 via your Pratt email within 5-10 business days of submitting your complete I-20 request, and for transfer I-20s, within 5-10 business days of the SEVIS transfer release date.

International students who will study on another type of immigration status (such as Fulbright J-1, F-2, H-4, J-2, E, etc.) do not need to apply for an I-20, but should notify of their alternative status arrangements.

Sponsored students requesting a DS-2019 for J-1 student status at Pratt should email, providing details about your external sponsor funding source.