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Revised Title IX and Nondiscrimination Policies

June 2, 2023

Dear Members of the Pratt Community,

In an effort to ensure forward progress on the prevention of sexual misconduct and discrimination at Pratt Institute, we are pleased to announce revisions to Pratt’s Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. We ask that you read the new policies and become familiar with the process, paying especially close attention to the new information for reporting. The revised policies are in effect as of June 1, 2023. 

As you may know, Judith-Faith Williams Cadet is no longer at Pratt, and we are thankful for the leadership she provided to the Title IX process. The Office of Title IX and Nondiscrimination is now under the supervision of Assistant Vice President for Student Life Justin W. Kelley. Acting Title IX Coordinator Dr. Bill Boerner is working in partnership with Justin and Human Resources until we finalize the revised structure for staffing. We hope to have an updated staff structure in place by the end of August 2023.

Within the Office of Institutional Equity & Title IX, Assistant Vice President for Student Life Justin W. Kelley can be reached at or 718.687.5443. Acting Title IX Coordinator Dr. Bill Boerner can be reached at or 718.687.5443. To submit a concern for Title IX or sexual misconduct, please click here. To submit a Discrimination and Harassment Disclosure Report, click here

Starting in August, and every semester thereafter, we will host a number of sessions to educate members of the community on the new policies, reporting procedures, and educational and preventative measures. In addition, if you would like to have a member of our team attend a staff, faculty, or student group meeting to present such information, please reach out to Justin Kelley.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to familiarize yourself with these policies and the reporting process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Delmy M. Lendof
Vice President for Student Affairs