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Revised DEI Strategic Plan and new DEI Dashboards

October 18, 2022

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion assessed and updated Pratt’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan last summer to address the continued needs of our community. These changes were made to acknowledge Pratt’s progress during the last five years, stay current with DEI trends, and provide more specific attention to ongoing DEI challenges at Pratt. The Pratt DEI Council was also restructured to better support the following revised four pillars: 

  1. Creating a Welcoming Environment Build an inclusive community where students, faculty, and staff are treated with respect, ideas are freely expressed, and differences are accepted and valued.
  2. Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Students Expand efforts to recruit and retain diverse undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups.
  3. Recruiting and Hiring Diverse Faculty and Staff – Enhance recruiting, hiring, and search committee processes to improve the diversity of our faculty, administration, and staff from underrepresented groups.
  4. Retaining and Supporting Diverse Faculty and Staff – Improve retention efforts, professional development, and career advancement opportunities to support diverse faculty, administration, and staff from underrepresented groups.​​​​​​​

Please review the links for each strategic plan pillar to see the revised goals and high-level results. The “Expanding Beyond the Gates to the External Community” efforts from the original DEI Strategic Plan will be transitioned to the Civic Engagement pillar of the overall Pratt Strategic Plan.

​​​​​​The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion also partnered with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to develop new DEI Data Dashboards for Pratt’s website. These dashboards include student, faculty, and staff demographic data and historical trends. For any questions, please email

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can also provide financial co-sponsorship for events across campus that support the new pillars of the DEI Strategic Plan. To request co-sponsorship, please fill out our sponsorship form. For any questions about the DEI Strategic Plan or potential sponsorships, please email