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Kaltura Personal Capture

We are proud to announce that Kaltura Personal Capture, which enables simultaneous camera and screen capture for recording lectures and events, is now available from

To record your Lecture or Presentation:

  1. Just visit and login with your OneKey
  2.  Click ADD NEW in the upper right and choose KALTURA CAPTURE
  3. Download and Install the software (Mac or PC)
  4. Choose your screen, camera, and microphone sources, then record your lecture or presentation. Most laptop microphones and cameras are automatically detected. Desktop computers may need to use an external camera with microphone.
  5. Once finished, click SAVE AND UPLOAD to save the video to your MY MEDIA page.

Viewers can easily alternate between your webcam recording, your screen recording, or view both side-by-side. Recordings require no editing and can easily be embedded anywhere, even within your LMS course by creating a new entry and clicking the Kaltura button within the LMS.

We hope you enjoy using this new online tool. For any questions or assistance, please reach out to the Pratt Technology Desk by emailing