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Interactive Services

Interactive Services creates and supports the many sites and applications Pratt offers online, such as onePratt, the Pratt Intranet, Policy Portal, Canvas, Talks.Pratt, myTurn, and Pratt Commons. Interactive Services also oversees Pratt TV, which comprises over 60 digital displays throughout the campus, and our 3D touchscreen map kiosks, which provide accessibility wayfinding and location-based information.

If you have questions about video capture, livestreaming content, or if there is a video on that you would like captioned, please let us know by emailing For assistance with any of the services we offer, please contact the Technology Desk at or by calling (718) 636-3765. Learn more about how Pratt Institute provides access and accessibility both on campus and online.


The onePratt website at provides you with personalized dynamic information based on your role at Pratt, and access to virtually all of the technology we use at Pratt.


Canvas allows students and faculty access to each course they are taking or teaching each semester. Faculty can share important information like syllabi, assignments, and resources through Canvas.


Pratt TV is the collection of digital displays mounted throughout Brooklyn’s campus, which feature both original and livestreamed content. These televisions feature promotional content related to a department’s channel, and are integrated with Pratt Alerts. There are currently over 60 displays with many department-specific channels.


Pratt Alerts is our institute-wide alert system. We have partnered with the service provider Omni Alerts to broadcast information to the community instantly and anywhere via mobile phone, text, email and Pratt TV. A Pratt Alert account keeps one notified of important information, such as school closings and weather alerts. One can choose to receive notifications via email or text (or both). The account is active for 2 years, and users will receive an email 30 days prior to deactivation.

TALKS.PRATT.EDU is the video hub of Pratt Institute, which currently features over 300 Pratt created videos. Visitors can watch and share events and projects featuring high-profile speakers, creative student/faculty work, and engaging stories. If you have questions about video capture, livestreaming content, or if there is a video on that you would like captioned, please let us know by emailing


Working with the Accessibility Committee and partnering with Guidekick, we have recently completed a one-year development process for ADA compliant 3D touchscreen kiosks with 2,700 data points encompassing Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. This interface allows quick access to buildings, offices, academic departments, sculptures, security information, and even a searchable personnel directory. It also allows students to search for particular courses displaying the professor, building location, room number, and time that the course meets. Accessibility pathways are animated and illustrated from your particular starting point throughout the interface. Visit or our 3D touchscreen kiosks throughout campus.