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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The department of Undergraduate Advising fosters a holistic approach to education and student success by assisting students in building meaningful and professional relationships, teaching skills that encourage lifelong learning and success, and inspire students to recognize their full potential.

Through providing academic planning, goal oriented, interest focused, and academic success services and colloquia, Undergraduate Advising advances the work of Pratt Institute by promoting self advocacy, respecting individuality, and empowering students to meet their individual goals and challenges.

Our Vision

Undergraduate Advising supports the pillars of Pratt’s strategic plan through a value system of caring, commitment, empowerment, integrity, inclusivity, professionalism, and respect (NACADA, 2017.)  These values are set forth by the global education organization, NACADA, which cultivates Pratt’s commitment to academic excellence, student success, diversity, equity and inclusion, global education, and civic engagement.

Our department’s values recognize holistic excellence in life and academics and work to actively expand the academic journey of Pratt writers, artists, designers, and architects to make informed and purposeful decisions that align with their academic plan, personal needs, and the complex and fast changing world.  We do this by teaching students to critically think, problem solve, set goals, and exercise their agency in advocating for themselves and others, which will transcend from their academic life and prosper through their personal and professional lives.