Registration for new incoming students
New students across all SI master’s degree programs entering in the fall semester will be contacted in mid-July to set up appointments for advisement and registration.  New students entering in the spring semester will be contacted in mid-November/early December.

Registration for continuing students
Continuing students can register on their own online via MyPratt. Typically, registration for spring semester courses begins in early November and registration for summer and fall semester courses begins in early April. Exact registration dates are determined by the registrar and are assigned based on seniority (i.e., the closer you are to graduating, the earlier you can register).

Advisement is highly recommended but is not required for course approval and registration. If you don't know who your advisor is, the advisor-advisee list can be found on the bulletin boards outside the School of Information Office.

In helping you plan your course of study, a two-year course schedule plan is available. This two-year course schedule plan was developed using information available such as student enrollment information, advanced certificate declarations, projected enrollments, curriculum requirements, student stated interests in admissions files, among other sources of information. Note that while the School plans to offer these courses in future semesters, we cannot guarantee that all courses will be offered (e.g., elective courses typically require 6 students to run, curriculum additions/revisions take place regularly, etc.).

Additional resources to inform course selection include course syllabi available on the school website, and course evaluations available in the Pratt Manhattan Center library (4th floor).

Step 1: Find out your registration date and check for holds on your account

  1. Log on to MyPratt.
  2. Check your registration date by going to Academic Tools > Students > Planning & Registration > Student Planning.  You’ll be logged onto the Student Planning system automatically.
    1. Click on "Go to Plan & Schedule" at the upper right of the screen. In the Schedule tab, click on > to get to your summer or fall 2021 plan

    2. Your registration date and time will be listed in a blue information box at the top of the screen. It’ll look something like this - “Your registration will begin on April 11 at 8:30 PM, etc.”  This means that you may register for summer/fall 2021 and make changes to your registration from April 11 at 8:30 PM onwards.

  3. Check if there are currently any holds on your account by going to Academic Tools > Students > Planning & Registration > Check My Hold Status. A hold on your account will result in your inability to register on your assigned registration day.
    • Health & Counseling hold: Call the Office of Health & Counseling at 718.399.4542
    • Bursar's Office hold: Call the Bursar's Office at 718.636.3539
    • Records Incomplete hold: Call the Registrar's Office at 718.636.3663
    • OIA hold: Call the Office of International Affairs at 718.636.3674

Step 2: Look up the upcoming course schedule and place courses on your worksheet for approval

Before you can register, courses must be placed on your plan and approved by the School of Information office. Below are step-by-step instructions on how view the upcoming course schedule, place courses on your plan, and have your plan approved. 

  1. Log on to MyPratt.
  2. Go to Academic Tools > Students > Planning & Registration > Student Planning. You'll be logged onto the Student Planning System automatically.
  3. Click on Course Catalog in the Student Planning tab at the top of the screen. Select "Information" from the list of subjects and filter the results further by selecting the relevant semester from the menu on the left.
  4. To place a course you want to register for on your plan, click on "View available sections", which will show you the class meeting time and location.  To add the course to your plan, select "Add section to schedule." You must do this for each course you wish to register for. You are strongly encouraged to add backup courses to your plan in the event that you do not get a spot in your first choice. Also, be mindful of prerequisites!
  5. When you're done adding courses to your plan, click on the Plan & Schedule tab at the top of the screen. In the Schedule tab, click on > and select the relevant semester to get to your current plan. You'll see the courses that you've just added to your plan and they'll all have a status of "Planned" in yellow.
  6. To get the courses on your plan approved, go to the Advising tab and select Request Review on the right. This will send an approval request to the advisor listed on your plan.  Regardless of who your official assigned advisor is in the program, Quinn Lai, Director of Administrative Affairs, will be approving your plan. You will receive an email confirming that your plan has been approved within 1 business day. The courses listed on your plan will then have a green "Approved" status.

Step 3. Register on your assigned day and time

  1. At your assigned registration day and time, log in to MyPratt.
  2. Go to Academic Tools > Students > Planning & Registration > Student Planning. You'll be logged onto the Student Planning System automatically.
  3. Go to Plan & Schedule > Schedule > [Choose Relevant Semester] and Select "Register Now" on the right.

Registering as a Part-time Student

Scholarships awarded at time of admission are for full-time study, however, students maintaining a 3.5 GPA can petition to study part-time and retain their scholarship. Please consult the policy and petition form for more information.

Still have questions?  Contact the School of Information Office at