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School of Information: Academic Advising


All students are assigned a faculty advisor upon admission to the School of Information. Where possible, students are matched with advisors based on their academic and career interests. Students can switch advisors at any time.

At the School of Information, faculty advisors help students in two primary areas: 

Setting Academic And Professional Goals

Students are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisor to discuss their academic and career goals and plan their course of study. Notably, students are not required to get faculty approval before registering for classes or applying for an internship.  For You can find School of Information faculty office hours and contact information in this Google Doc.

Completing The Graduation Requirement

Each degree program at the School of Information has a Portfolio graduation requirement. Students are encouraged to start planning how to meet this requirement as early as possible and to discuss this requirement regularly with their faculty advisor, who will help guide students through the process.

Questions? If you don’t know who your advisor is, the advisor-advisee list can be found on the bulletin boards outside the School of Information Office, as well as via this Google Sheet  (Pratt Google login is required). You can also contact the Office at or 212.647.7682.