Academic Calendar 2014–2015

Important Dates 2014


Fall ’14

Spring ’15

Summer ’15

Last Day for 100% tuition refund upon withdrawal from Institute

Aug. 25

Jan. 20

May 18

First Day of Class

Aug. 25

Jan. 20

May 18

Last Day to Add, or Drop without a WD grade on transcript

Sep. 8

Feb. 2

May 24

Last day to withdraw (WD) from a course

Nov. 14

April 17

June 8

Studio Days

Dec. 9–12

May 5–May 8


Final Critique and Exams

Dec. 13–Dec. 19

May 9–May 15


Last Day of Class

Dec. 19

May 15

July 24

Grades Due Online

Dec. 23

May 19


Holidays and Dates that Classes Do Not Meet 2014, 2015

Fall 2014
Labor Day
September 1
Midterm Break
October 13–14
Thanksgiving Break
November 26–30
Spring 2015
Martin Luther King Day
January 19
Spring Break
March 16–22
Spring Holiday
April 4–5
Summer 2015
Memorial Day
May 25
Independence Day
July 3–4


Future Academic Calendars

Past Academic Calendars

The Office of the Provost recently approved a new 10-year calendar based on the recommendations of the Academic Calendar Committee. This calendar will take effect beginning in the Fall of 2014. The Committee has prepared a report detailing the process and reasoning that went into making the new calendar.


Download Proposed Academic Calendars for 2014-2024: Recommendation to Provost