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Pratt Responds: Next steps with Title IX

On April 7, 2021, a list of proposed changes to Pratt’s Title IX Student Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures was submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs on behalf of a group of Pratt students, some of whom also participated in a protest on that day. Several members of the Pratt administration met with the leader of the protest to discuss student concerns about the Title IX process. 

Student safety is a top priority for all Pratt staff and faculty. We take the concerns that were expressed about these policies and procedures very seriously. We had a productive conversation about the student feedback and have taken the following steps:


The first priority of the Title IX process is to keep the community safe. All actions, including sanctions, consider safety first. Participants in the process will be more involved in customizing safety protocols and other support measures to address their specific needs. 

Restorative Justice

The process is not about punishment, it is about safety and education. Sanctions are not intended to be punitive, but protective and educational. Title IX materials and website information will emphasize this aspect of the process so that all participants better understand what results they can expect. 

Transparency And Communication:

A student Title IX Advisory Board will be formed. Student members will engage in educational outreach, policy/procedure education, staff training and student advocacy.

On-going Title IX training and informational programs and materials will be provided to supplement the mandatory first year training that all students take.

Staff And Faculty Training

All staff and faculty who have roles in the process will be required to complete the DEI Ally Training program. Training around sexual orientation and gender will be improved. The Advisory Board members will have input on these revisions.

Proactive Support Of The Complainant And The Respondent

Mandated regular check-ins between the Title IX office and/or advocate and all parties

All parties will be given the opportunity to discuss the sanctions immediately following the receipt of the determination letter.

Student Feedback And Process Improvement

Conduct consistent and regular participant evaluations. Solicit and respond to all feedback received.

The Title IX staff welcomes student feedback and involvement. The Title IX staff are available for further discussion by emailing Learn more about the  Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy.