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Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

What is CPT?

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is employment that is an integral or important part of an F-1 student curriculum.

Am I Eligible to Apply?

An international student with an F-1 status is eligible for CPT if they have been full-time and maintaining lawful status for at least one academic year (two consecutive semesters). CPT authorization is required for paid or unpaid internships.

What do I Need to Know?

You must receive CPT authorization from OIA before starting your internship (paid or unpaid), so plan accordingly.

Working without authorization is a violation of federal regulations, resulting in the loss of valid immigration status.

Starting to work before or continuing to work beyond the dates authorized on your I-20 is a violation of federal regulations, resulting in the loss of valid immigration status.

CPT cannot be authorized retroactively.

Required Steps Before Applying
  • To register for the internship class, contact the Center for Career & Professional Development for instructions on the process you must follow to register. They are located in East Hall, 1st Floor.
  • While enrolled as a student, you can work a total of 20 hours weekly during the semester between however many positions you hold, whether through on-campus employment and/or via single or multiple employers on CPT.
  • Students cannot obtain CPT authorization without taking the Internship Class.
  • Summer CPT processing hours may be different. Please contact OIA before coming to apply for CPT in the summer to check the hours.
How do I Apply?

Please bring these documents to the OIA during walk-in hours or make an appointment:

  1. An unexpired passport (must be valid six months into the future)
  2. Your current I-20
  3. Copy of your class registration for the semester for which you want CPT (must show your internship class as Registered). Go to your MyPratt > Academic Tools to get your class registration.
  4. Copy of paper I-94 card or Most Recent I-94 Record.
  5. CPT Department Form – completed and signed by your department (Chair/Assistant Chair/Department Internship Coordinator/Department Internship Faculty)
  6. A signed letter on letterhead from the employer stating:
    1. Begin and end date of employment
    2. Number of hours per week
    3. 20 hours max per week during the semester (full time allowed during school breaks)
    4. Description of your job duties (must be related to your major)
    5. Name and address with zip code of the company
    6. Paid/unpaid employment

All documents are subject to the discretion of the OIA Advisor.

How do I Apply?