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Learning/Access Center Faculty Resources

L/AC Support and Information Available for Faculty, Staff, and Departments

The L/AC encourages and welcomes healthy, interactive discussions. 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the L/AC to discuss the following:

  • Concerns about specific students with disabilities;
  • Concerns about students who are suspected of having a disability;
  • Assistance in implementing recommended accommodations;
  • General questions about disabilities;
  • General questions about resources for students with disabilities at Pratt;
  • Clarification of procedures by which students at Pratt receive classroom accommodations;
  • Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and other legal requirements related to students with disabilities in Higher Education.

L/AC staff are also available to give presentations at departmental, faculty, or other meetings, on a wide range of topics related to the academic support and success of students at Pratt. Presentations can vary in length and the topic(s) can be tailored to the needs of the department.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, or if you would like more information regarding the L/AC, please contact us at 718-802-3123 or

About Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

To ensure that all students with disabilities are aware of the process by which they request and receive classroom accommodations, the L/AC strongly recommends that all faculty include the Syllabus Statement for Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (found below) on their course syllabi. This statement emphasizes that the first step to receiving classroom accommodations is to meet with the L/AC.

Notifying Professors of Students’ Accommodations

At the start of each new semester, the L/AC will email the Faculty Notification Letters (FNLs) for all enrolled students who have provided permission to each student’s faculty, academic advisor, department chair and assistant chair, L/AC advisor, and the student. Additionally, throughout the semester, FNLs for newly enrolled students will be emailed following the enrollment meeting with the student. The L/AC will then work with students and faculty as needed to implement the approved classroom accommodations, which are outlined on the FNL.

Instructors should encourage students who report disability-related issues to schedule a meeting with the L/AC to receive assistance with determining and establishing appropriate accommodations.

If you have any questions about implementing accommodations, or about the recommended syllabus statement, please contact the L/AC at 718.802.3123 or

The L/AC recommends you include the following, in its entirety, in course syllabi:

Students with Disabilities and Accessibility
Pratt Institute is committed to the full inclusion of all students. If you are a student with a disability and require accommodations, please contact the Learning/Access Center (L/AC) at to schedule an appointment to discuss these accommodations. Students with disabilities who have already registered with the L/AC are encouraged to speak to the professor about accommodations they may need to produce an accessible learning environment.

Requests for accommodation should be made as far in advance as reasonably possible to allow sufficient time to make any necessary modifications to ensure the relevant classes, programs, or activities are readily accessible. The L/AC is available to Pratt students, confidentially, with additional resources and information to facilitate full access to all campus programs and activities and provide support related to any other disability-related matters.


Starfish is a student success and retention tool that allows faculty to report to student needs, and facilitates early intervention and collaboration around student support. Faculty can raise flags and referrals in Starfish to alert key support offices to student academic or well-being concerns.

To raise a student flag or referral, visit Pratt Starfish