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How do I make an appointment with Health Services?

Students can make appointments online through the Medicat portal by creating an account at Students can also call Health Services at 718.399.4542. You can find a video on how to register for the patient portal here.

I missed a class due to illness. Can Health Services provide me with an “Excused Absence”?

Health Services does not provide students with “excused absences.” If the student has been evaluated by a healthcare provider and it has been determined that they are not well enough to attend classes, the student can discuss it with their professors and request confirmation from the Health Center.

Why do I have a health hold on my student account?

Most health holds indicate that you are missing or have submitted an incomplete Health Evaluation packet, which includes immunization records, tuberculosis testing, and a recent physical examination. If you have not submitted a health evaluation, you can find more information at If you have previously submitted a form but still have a hold, please check your Pratt email for notices regarding missing information or contact us at

How do I waive/enroll in the student health insurance?

The waiver/enrollment process for the student health insurance plan is handled by Student Financial Services. You can find a link to the waiver/enrollment form here: Click to Visit

I have already waived the student health insurance. Why is the charge still on my bill?

It may take several weeks for your bill to be updated. Please contact Student Financial Services at or at 718.636.3599 for more information.

What benefits does the student insurance plan provide?

Pratt offers health insurance through Aetna Student Health. You can view full plan details, find in-network providers, and download a copy of your health insurance ID card on the Aetna Student Health website here: Click to Visit.

I have graduated. Can I still visit the Health Center?

The Health Center cannot treat students after they have graduated. We recommend consulting with your provider during the semester before graduation to make a plan for transitioning to another healthcare provider for after graduation.

When does health insurance coverage end after graduating? What are my options for health insurance coverage?

For students graduating in the Spring, health insurance coverage ends on August 17th. For students graduating in the Fall, coverage ends on January 14th. Students staying in New York can visit the New York State Health Plan Marketplace for more information on how to purchase and enroll in a health plan.