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Faculty Instructions

Faculty are encouraged to attend the Awards Convocation ceremony, which will be held on Tuesday, May 14 and Commencement, which will be held on Wednesday, May 15. Faculty planning to attend either ceremony must RSVP online by Friday, March 8. Platform Party members do not need to use the Faculty RSVP form.


Ceremonial attire (cap, hood, and gown) is required for all faculty participating in the Awards Convocation and Commencement ceremonies. 

Faculty without their own ceremonial attire may rent regalia representing their discipline and school colors through the RSVP form at no charge. Regalia, must be picked up at the Graduation Fair.

If attending both events, your regalia will be transported from Awards Convocation to Commencement. 

Please note: There will be no extra ceremonial attire available at Radio City. If you plan to attend Commencement, you must order your regalia in advance, pick it up at the PMC or Brooklyn Graduation Fairs, and bring it with you to the events. 


The date for Awards Convocation is Tuesday, May 14.

Faculty regalia is required. Upon entry, you will be directed to the robing room, where faculty will line up for the procession. Faculty will process to their assigned seats. Department Chairs and Deans will ascend to the stage to announce and confer awards for their respective departments. 

There is no seating in the audience for faculty or staff, and faculty may not bring guests. After the Awards Ceremony, you may leave your regalia to be delivered to Commencement the following day.

Awards Convocation will last approximately one hour. Immediately following the ceremony, please join us for the Friends and Family reception on campus. Thank you for showing your support of our graduates as they receive their well-deserved recognition!


The Friends and Family Reception will take place under the tents in front of the ARC on the Brooklyn Campus immediately following Awards Convocation. No reservations are needed, and the reception is open to the public. Refreshments will be served.


Arrive by 8:30am at 62 W 51st St, near 6th Ave. Please note this is a different entrance from previous years (prior to 2023).

The 2024 Commencement Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 15 at Radio City Music Hall.

Please plan to arrive at Radio City between 7:45 and no later than 8:30 AM with your academic regalia. If you attended Awards Convocation the day before, your regalia will be available at the breakfast in the Grand Lounge.

Coat check will be available in the Grand Lounge, however please do not bring valuables or large personal belongings. 

Upon arrival, Faculty will congregate in the Grand Lounge on the lower level. Breakfast will be served from 7:45 AM to 8:30 AM. We will begin lining up for the procession on the stairs at 9:15 AM. The procession will begin at 9:45 AM, and the ceremony will conclude by 12:45 PM. Please help us be courteous partners to Barnard by efficiently returning your rented faculty regalia after the ceremony in the Grand Lounge and exiting the building as quickly as possible.


The Platform Party includes the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Trustees, other senior staff of the Institute, and Commencement Honorees. Their attendance is mandatory, as they play an important role in Commencement. The Platform Party leads the Academic Procession, which initiates the ceremony.

Platform Party members do not need to use the Faculty RSVP form. Development Events staff will liaise with these individuals and provide them with details and instructions for Commencement. 

Your participation in these events celebrating our students’ accomplishments is greatly appreciated by the Institute and, more importantly, by the students.