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The Office of Institutional Research has the responsibility for developing and administering surveys for evaluation and assessment purposes. The office currently coordinates surveys on behalf of various constituencies within the Institute. Surveys are a tool to help inform institute decision-making processes. The surveys are conducted independently, as well as in conjunction with institute peer groups and other units on campus. The institutional research office recommends that surveys distributed to students, faculty, staff, and alumni within Pratt Institute are reviewed before being administered. The institutional research office aims to ensure that the surveys administered to Pratt community members are limited, do not overlap and are consistent with institute priorities.

The Institutional Research Office has the following survey responsibilities:

  • Serves as a repository for all survey instruments across the institute
  • Audit of all currently administered surveys at Pratt and maintain a calendar
  • Provide feedback and review of survey instruments
  • Provide data analysis and reports

There are several surveys that follow a set schedule. However, some are administered based on changing priorities and ad hoc arrangements to meet client needs.

Current surveys cover a wide range of topics that include ratings of services, alumni, student course evaluations, institute climate, and coordination of external surveys, including NSSE, CIRP, etc.

If you need help with a survey, send your request to