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FDF Committee and Schedule


Committee Membership

The Faculty Development Fund awards committee is appointed by the academic senate. The Office of the Provost serves as primary administrator for the application process and awarding of the funds.

The awards committee is composed of 6-9 academic senate members who have indicated they will not apply for a grant in the current year. There must be a faculty appointee from each of the five degree-offering schools (Architecture, Art, Design, Information, and Liberal Arts and Sciences), the School of Continuing and Professional Studies and a faculty appointee from the Pratt Library.

Awards and Committee Responsibilities

The academic senate will convene the awards committee. The grant proposals will be reviewed by every member of the awards committee. Evaluations will be made by consensus.

At the conclusion of its deliberations, the committee will report its recommendations to the provost, who will determine the final awards. The provost will inform faculty who have received awards and make public announcements of the recipients.

The Committee will Consider:

  1. The project’s potential to enhance the professional development of the applicant and benefit the Institute;
  2. The reasonableness of the budget; and
  3. The aesthetic, cultural, or scholarly contribution of the project to the Institute or the community at large.

The Committee Can:

  1. Approve both the project and the budget;
  2. Approve the project, but reduce the budget; and
  3. Reject the project


November 2023

Applications Open

February  2, 2024

Deadline for the receipt of grant applications submitted via google form by 5:00 PM on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2024

February to April

FDF awards committee meets in closed sessions starting February 16, 2023

Late April 2024

FDF awards committee makes recommendations to the Provost

May 2024

Recipients of awards are notified individually, FDF awards committee presents final report;

Provost announces the awards

July 2024

Awarded funds are distributed and available for use