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Bicycles have become a very popular mode of transportation on campus. They are environmentally friendly and the Institute encourages their use. In an attempt to help safeguard your bicycle, the security department strongly recommends that you participate in a police department sponsored program called “Operation ID.” This means that the security department will etch a unique serial number on the frame of your bicycle. This registration will remain on file at the 88th Police Precinct and a copy retained at the Institute’s Department of Public Safety Office. Should your bicycle be lost or stolen this information will help the police and or security to identify it. This service is provided free of charge and will be done in the Department of Public Safety Office, Room 105 Engineering Building.

Bicycle parking is permitted only on the designated racks available throughout the Campus. Bicycles should not be parked or secured on railings, doorways, stairways, scaffolding, or ramps. They should not block pedestrian walkways or campus streets. Improperly parked bicycles will be removed and confiscated by the Department of Public Safety or Facilities Department. Bicycles may also be removed or confiscated from bike racks due to construction conditions or if they are deemed to be abandoned. Any bicycle that is observed parked in the same location for more than a two week period will be considered abandoned. Bicycles removed or confiscated may be claimed by the owner at the Department of Public Safety Office, Room 105, Engineering Building. Please be prepared to produce proof of ownership. After 30 days unclaimed bicycles will be disposed of at the sole discretion of the Institute.

Pratt Institute is not responsible or liable in any manner for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles, nor the replacement cost of locks, chains, or other security devices.


Bike theft is a common occurrence, as such we recommend that you use the correct methods to lock up your bicycle. For the best methods and grading of how to lock your bike click on the link below and watch the movie “Hal (and Kerri) Grade Your Bike Locking.”


Riding your bike in New York City can be a fantastic experience, it can also be a challenging one too; nowhere is knowing the rules of the road and safety practices more important. For valuable information, and tips on bicycle safety, click on the link below. Happy riding!


Bike Safety Pamphlet