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By: Allen Ball, MFA

Date GSEF Grant Awarded: Spring 2019

Allen Ball’s work is centered on mining operations and their periphery; it is direct, nonagricultural human contact with the earth that is of interest to him. Three­ dimensional works were created made of fiberglass which recorded locations of human contact and activity; like three dimensional rubbings. These sculptural pieces trapped refuse, leaves, soil and other matter lying on the ground, as well as archived a variety of marks such as: tire tracks, campfires, empty lots, erosion, roadside debris, roots, and remnants of demolished buildings. At the completion of the project, Ball’s work was exhibited in the Pratt MFA Studios. These works were installed on the floor where people were encouraged to walk on, and interact with it. An accompanying video work of digging with disjointed rumbling audio reverberated throughout the space like a heartbeat or the throb of a march.

rectangular sculptural piece, made of earth, in a gallery, polished concrete floor