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The Wing Guard: An Insect Repelling Device for Temporary Food Services

Research Open House 2021

Ellen Zhengyi Ren, BID ‘21
Ignacio Urbina Polo
School of Design, Industrial Design

The Wing Guard is a biomimicry insect repelling device that mimics the visuals, sounds, and motions of the dragonfly to stop flies from landing on food items. It aims to combat the hygiene problem of places that rely on temporary food service establishments, such as wet markets and open-air farmer’s stalls.

Using the Wing Guard can enhance the stall’s physical and psychological hygiene condition, and effectively prevent the transmission of many serious infectious diseases.

A dragonfly landed on the Wing Guard Device, accompanied with the project title
The Wing Guard is Ellen Zhengyi Ren’s culminating project in a senior biomimicry studio taught by Ignacio Urbina Polo.