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The Vision Room

Research Open House 2021

Amy Guggenheim
Marielle Pallisero, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities and Media Studies
Analia Segal, School of Fine Arts, Sculpture
Ethan Spigland, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities and Media Studies
Yutaka Takiura, School of Design, Design Management
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities and Media Studies

The Vision Room is an intimate global incubator for artists, designers, and theorists to nurture inquiry, transformative interdisciplinary exchange, and the seeding of new work informed by artistic innovation, intellectual rigor, and social engagement in response to the times.

The Room is actively working on how to use the possibilities of new platforms and experience within our new hybrid of in-person and virtual reality to sustain meaningful connection, communication, and creativity.

We need new vision to bring people together to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable world at a time when, as Greta Thunberg said, “our house is on fire”. We need artist leaders, from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of life experiences, who can shape these visions and help us reshape the world.

Art can affirm the identity, culture, and beliefs people have and find meaningful, while introducing the notion of adaptation to changing circumstances of our lives, both internal (i.e. aging, health, trauma, growth, and loss) and external (i.e. social, environmental, economic, and political, forces). Art provides a way to identify with, and think critically about these ideas and experiences, making room to reflect, inspire, and envision. From this open mindedness, new problems, obstacles, and solutions can more easily be faced with a sense of flexibility, practicality, and discovery.

This conceptual and physical space is designed for understanding across cultures, fields, and circumstances, and to reimagine where people come together to address the issues emerging from our lived experience. A structure for transcultural bridge building, The Room is a place to discover and empower fresh voices rooted in authenticity, creativity, and excellence. It is a place that can provide the proper creative tools, resources, and access for new works to be developed and shown, and to bring content that addresses cultural global sustainability to emerging audiences worldwide.