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The Third Mind Project

Research Open House 2021

David Gothard, Fine Arts and Rachel Levitsky, Writing
Camille Bavera, BFA Fashion ‘23
Breanna Bonslater, BFA Writing ‘24
Daniel DeMarse, BFA Writing ‘23
Noa Feinstein, BFA Drawing ‘21
Spencer Flores, BFA Drawing ‘22
Devon Gordon, BFA Drawing ‘22
Sierra Iturrino, BFA Drawing ‘23
Lily Knupp, BFA Writing ‘24
Erin Lee, BFA Writing ‘24
Abigail Miller, BFA Drawing ‘22
Asher Noriega, BFA Writing ‘24
Gina Prattap, BFA Drawing ‘23
Amanda Rios, BFA Writing ‘24
Vivian Swaya, BFA Writing ‘24
Eliana Szabo, BFA Printmaking ‘23
Wesley Ware, BFA Painting ‘22
Grace Whelan, BFA History of Art & Design ‘24
Reena Dailei Wu, BFA Illustration ‘21
School of Art
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Third Mind project is a joint effort between students in the departments of Fine Arts and Writing. Students in Professor David Gothard’s course “Illustration and Symbolic Imagery” and Professor Rachel Levitsky’s course “Community as Classroom” engaged in a collaborative interdisciplinary project involving both illustrative, sculptural, installation, and written works.

The goal of this project was to take an ordinary object with no religious or symbolic connotations and transform the context to convey an essence of veneration. Gothard’s students responded to the prompt in a 3D format. Levitsky’s students responded to the prompt by writing odes to a “sacred” object.