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State of the Hudson

Research Open House 2021

Close-up of data map showing core forest and developed land cover in the Hudson Watershed
Can Sucuoglu
Sara Eichner, School of Information
SAVI (Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative)

Understanding the changing conditions of the Hudson River and its Estuary requires a complex set of indicators. The water quality, health of fish and wildlife, amount and location of public access, and engagement of residents in stewardship activities tell us about these ecosystems and management needs.

SAVI collaborated with scientists and stewards of the Hudson River to improve the communication of the scientific information to the general public.

Each map and chart was meticulously reviewed to enhance the readability while ensuring the integrity of data.

Each chapter (Water Quality, Habitat and Ecological Health, Contaminants, Public Access, Community Engagement, Climate Change.) in the report was given a specific color theme, which provided an easier reading experience for this densely packed and long report.

Link to the report: The State of the Hudson 2020

Image is a snapshot of the Sea-Level Rise information within the State of the Hudson Report. For detailed information, view the PDF on page 90.
Image is a snapshot of the PCB (or polychlorinated biphenyls) concentrations in Hudson River Striped Bass caught in 2015. For detailed information, view the PDF on page 59.
Image is a brief summary of Watershed Habitats and Ecosystems for Natural Lands, the detail of which can be found on Page 46 of the PDF.