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Post-Radical Pedagogy

Research Open House 2021

Nida Abdullah, Xinyi Li, and Chris Lee
Sakura Tateiwa, BFA Communications Design ‘20
Ari Melanciano, Afortectopia, Speaker
John Jennings, UC Riverside, Assistant Professor
Lauren Williams, College for Creative Studies, Detroit; Visiting Instructor
Silvio Lorusso, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam; Tutor
School of Design, Undergraduate Communications Design

Post-Radical Pedagogy was convened as a space to explore, antagonize, challenge, and interrogate institutional values and legacies.

“Post” prompts a reflection on what happened, where we are because of, or in spite of an inherited (institutional) pedagogical situation that limits radical potentials, and where we go from here.

“Post” in this sense is implicitly an acknowledgment of struggle in search of language for articulating what a radical pedagogy in design might entail, where its boundaries are, and where it stakes a position in relation to the many limiting forms of institutional inertia.