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Making the Desert Island Discs Dataset: Data Visceralization and How We Don’t Know What We Know

Making the Desert Island Discs Dataset: data visceralizations and how we don’t know what we know is the result of a Pratt Institute School of Information graduate course, INFO 659: Advanced Projects in Digital Humanities – Fall 2022. For this course, students and faculty worked together as co-researchers and this site is part of our collective work in progress. We intend to build on the insights we have gained from creating these visceralizations and hope that the project grows and evolves with our curiosity. Please visit the project webpage to learn more.

This project won the People’s Choice Award at InfoShow23 , the annual showcase of School of Information student work.

pixelated view of a beachfront, with two wind-slanted palm trees and vegetation in the distance, with black squares representing broken pixels