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K-12 RAD

The project proposed by Pratt's faculty, Alexandra Barker and Olivia Vien, as an action-research study examined the impact of bringing this combinatorial way of thinking and making to high school students and involved observation, questionnaire/survey, and analysis of the work produced by high school students. The study took the form of a Saturday Art School class in the Pratt Young Scholars program at the Center K-12 with a curriculum that foregrounded design thinking through making. Students worked through a series of exercises using the most current techniques in visualization and methods of fabrication available (digital modeling, drawing representation, rendering, CNC milling, 3D printing, laser cutting, and robotics and more) in combination with analog making techniques, including casting and painting to produce multimedia projects. Two GAUD students were awarded Center K-12 Fellowships and served as assistants.

Pratt Youth Art Program