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Industrial Design Brochure

the front cover of a Pratt brochure with illustrations of cars in black and white

Brochure advertising the Industrial Design department headed by Rowena Reed Kostellow and Alexander Kostellow

The Industrial Design Department-Design as a Performing Art

The primary objective of the Industrial Design Department is to direct students toward a greater understanding of both the concept and process of design. We strive to develop our students’ capacity for critical thinking and to encourage imaginative and innovative approaches in seeking and developing meaningful solutions to problems. Our graduates are form oriented, culturally aware and humanistic.

As trained specialists, they are conscious of their role in commerce and industry, but understand that their ultimate responsibility is to honor both the beauty of form and the quality of life in our complex world.

Our larger responsibility is to help each student find his or her way with confidence and personal satisfaction in this broad and diverse field called Industrial Design.

Undergraduate Curriculum


Three-Dimensional Design

Materials and Structure

History of Industrial Design

Directed Research



Space Analysis

Computer Graphics

Production Methods








The Graduate

Industrial Design


Industrial Design is presented as a problem solving methodology based on a heightened awareness of human activities and the potentials revealed through research.

The curriculum emphasizes three-dimensional expression in the areas of product, transportation and environmental design.

The thesis project encourages students to develop their individual design philosophies and is the culmination of two years of study.

Graduate Curriculum

Industrial Design

Industrial Design Technology

Color Workshop

Directed Research

Three-Dimensional Design

Industrial Design Workshop

Industrial Design Drawing


Concepts of Design

History of Industrial Design

“The curriculum at Pratt was planned to prepare the students for a professional career in industrial design, while providing a series of experiences which were equally relevant to painting, sculpture and the graphic arts.”

Rowena Reed Kostellow

“I feel that function is an expression of a time, and that aesthetic reactions influence man-made form, and we in turn are influenced by them.”

Alexander Kostellow

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