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Hemp Matter – Biomaterials

By Emily Gordin

Thesis MID '22

A tablescape showing planters right-side-up and upside-down. One of the planters has a small green plan in it.

How can we further harness the material potential of hemp?

Hemp Matter, an investigation into making biomaterials from CBD industry waste, culminated itself in the product ‘Repot’. ‘Repot’ is a series of planters; from seed starter pots to larger scale planters, that are made from CBD industry stalk and spent flower waste. The material is 100% natural and completely biodegradable, making it so each pot can be planted into the next.

A small green plant in a grayish planter resting on a white surface.

After many iterations, the final material recipe is able to be slipcasted allowing for scaled production of the biomaterial pots. The material is able to capture fine details, is water resistant, and ranges in flexibility.

Rows of off-white planters upside down on on a white surface.

‘Repot’ uses a thin sheet material recipe to form the planters, but this conclusion was only reached after hundreds of material combinations were created with hemp and bioplastic. The combinations ranged from hard panels to flexible sheets using a range of hemp stalk qualities, from fine/medium/large hurd to pulp. The different materials were casted, extruded, and slipcasted giving different results in both form and material quality.

A composite image of different hemp materials.