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By Haresh Lalvani

School of Architecture, Center for Experimental Structures


We continue our experiments in combining new morphologies with new methods of physical construction on a larger scale. We are closer to the completion of full-scale construction of Hypersurface, a continuously curved one-sided minimal surface projected from higher dimensions. Our fabrication assembly method has been further refined to reach the goal of building a complex curved structural surface without the use of formwork. We are hoping to achieve this. Gravity continues to challenge us, requiring us to combine positional information of components (from the digital model) with structural integrity during the assembly process of parts and eventually the whole. We are experimenting with several variations of peg insertions. At the time of this writing, Layers 6 and 5 are being tweaked, Layers 3 and 4 are in the final assembly stage, Layers 2 and 1 are in digital phase, with the anticipated goal of completion this summer.


Principal: Haresh Lalvani

Undergraduate Students: Earnest Maxwell, Aaron Miranda, Juan Contreras Graduate Students: Johnathan Hamilton, Matthew Mitchell (CES Student Assistant), William Vaderburgh