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Happy Stripe Augmented Reality

Research Open House 2021

Jeffrey Anderson and Ahmad Tabbakh
Kyriaki Goti
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

This project demonstrates the possibility of creating an accurately aligned physical-digital hybrid experience to augment a physical art installation. The exhibition design and fabrication was completed by Kyriaki Goti at Some People Studio and was built in Frederick, Maryland.

The Happy Stripe AR app allows users to overlay an interactive digital exhibition on top of the physical art installation, or to experience it remotely from any other location on mobile or desktop platforms. Using the Unity Game Engine’s AR Foundation, WebGL build support, and Photon Unity Networking, we were able to create a multiplayer, multiplatform ecosystem to include as many participants as possible—both remote and in person—in a single AR experience.

QR code for the Happy Stripe AR app
Please scan this QR code to download Happy Stripe AR.

Multiple users are able to see each other’s names, avatars, and 3-Dimensional positions within the art installation and its surrounding context, as well as engage in a simple game to explore the geometry of the art installation.