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Research Open House 2021

Chia-Yuan Ko, MID ‘21
John-Michael Ekeblad
School of Design, Industrial Design

medial and top view of the shoe design
he media and top view of FTW_AMPB

“AMPB” is the abbreviation for Amphibians.

“AMPB” performs as a metaphor depicting a footwear-generation process morphing between two extremes. Designed as a virtual engine achieving complex form transformation, the prototyping system is semi-parametric and the look of the shoe is controlled by the “Number Slider” on the interface. Seamless and continuous variations are displayed on the screen by sliding through the control bar.

The outcome, FTW_AMPB, establishes a form-finding framework that helps explore new footwear genres.

back view of the shoe design
The back view of FTW_AMPB

The shown model—as one of the possible outputs from the system—possesses heel protection, ventilation and sturdiness defined by its transformation templates.

walking view of the shoe design
The walking view of FTW_AMPB