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Exploring Transdisciplinary Approaches to STEM Teaching and Learning

Research Open House 2024

A closeup photograph of ceramic objects, some wavy and some somewhat circular, stacked on top of each other in a linking pattern.
Photograph of student work—Wengelyn Munoz, Mel Tran, Lola Li, and Sereh Han– in Jonathan Scelsa’s Design Studio, “Riprap Ram Jam” Arch 401,402, 403. Students conducted a study of non-human ecologies in relationship to stabilized rammed earth masonry systems.

Co-PIs: Heather Lewis, Christopher Jensen, Mark Rosin

Faculty Learning Community Participants and Courses, Spring 2023:

Ashley Bales, Math & Science
The Anatomy of Motion
Leanne Bowler, Information Science
Growing Up Digital
Robert Brackett, Architecture
Advanced Design
Blake Marques Carrington, Digital Arts
Interactive Media
Rafael De Balanzo Joue, Sustainability Science
Ecology for Architects
Regina “Gina” Gregorio, Fashion Design
Textile Color Lab
Nurhaizatul “Zat” Jamil, Global South Studies
Sustainability and Fashion
Jeanne Pfordresher, Industrial Design
Prototypes Bio Material
Jonathan Scelsa, Architecture
TheBrickineing/A Robotic Bilogorical Tectonic
Sophia Sobers, Digital Arts
Physical Computing
Keena Suh, Interior Design
Options Studio
Graduate Assistant: Medhaswi Paturu, Information Science

School of Art

This project’s overarching goal is to conceptualize and improve transdisciplinary STEM education at the undergraduate level, with the goal of supporting the development of a scientifically literate population and a workforce prepared with 21st Century skills. The project’s inter-related goals– faculty development and transdisciplinary STEM research– have been realized through a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) composed of faculty from professional fields in art and design and math, science and social science disciplines working collaboratively on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). 

Transdisciplinary Faculty Learning Community

The project convened a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) made up of transdisciplinary faculty from Pratt Institute from Spring, 2023 through Fall, 2023, which conducted research on transdisciplinary epistemic practices as an embodied form of faculty professional development Faculty members used the Transdisciplinary Epistemic Practices (TEP) framework to self-evaluate their historical and contemporary teaching practices and syllabi; modify their teaching practices in the form of a modified learning experience; and provided feedback and modifications on the framework, grounded in their own transdisciplinary expertise.  

Public Dissemination: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

One of the tenets of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is that the results should be disseminated. . As such, FLC members will participate in an exhibition curated by Borinquen Gallo: Transdisciplinary Epistemic Practices: A Faculty Learning Community  in the MSCI Gallery at Pratt, opening March 27 from 5-7 (exhibition will run from March 27- April 10)