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In design studio critiques, GAUD faculty and invited outside evaluators, enthusiasts, and practitioners look beyond the evaluation process to create engaging moments of open debate and discourse about student projects and the studio proposition.


In an effort to expand the discourse across the GAUD and to interconnect our collective pedagogy with the cutting edge of the profession, the “Critic at Large” position was formed in 2017.The purpose of the position is to enlist an accomplished educator and practitioner whose commitment to architectural design and its related praxes is world-leading.

The Critic at Large together with the Dean, the GAUD Chair and related faculty, during several key days throughout the semester, works directly with students from each year and from each program on their projects. The discussions are intended to build and expand an awareness of architecture, its insularity, its disciplinarity, its relevance to participate in challenging problems and its need to invent new audiences. Spanning an entire day and ranging from intimate to public discussions, from vivid debates to instructive coaching, the event(s) surrounding the Critic at Large visits reflect the efforts of the GAUD (within the School of Architecture) to prod and explore the value of contemporary graduate education; directly with the students and over their work.

Spring 2017 – Pritzker Prize Winner Thom Mayne Fall 2017 – Pritzker Prize Winner Thom Mayne Spring 2018 – Pritzker Prize Winner Thom Mayne Fall 2018 – Stan Allen Spring 2019 – Stan Allen Fall 2019 – Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam Spring 2020 – Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam


FALL 2019