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Consortium for Research & Robotics (CRR)

Research Open House 2021

Mark Parsons, Executive Director
Megan Aebi, STEM Coordinator
Aaron Beebe, Robotics Operations Manager
Phoebe DeGroot, Project Coordinator
Devanshi Agarwal, BArch ’21
Thomas Chen, BID ’21
Daniel Hsu, BArch ’23
James Nanasca, MArch ’21
Abhipsha Ray, BID ’21
Celic Ruiz, BArch ’23
Ofer Shouval, MFA Interactive Arts ’21
Polina Ustinova, BArch ‘21
Sophie Malekenian, Design Management ‘21
Lahna Moustapha, BArch ‘21
Emily Gibson, BArch ‘22
Daniel Potes, MFA Interactive Arts ‘21

Diagram of the design of 3D printed too
The design for a 3D printed, light-drawing tool

As an outward-facing research center of Pratt Institute, the Consortium for Research & Robotics engages in innovative design research using frontier technologies. We work with communities and organizations that benefit from access to extraordinary technology for research, including NYC’s largest industrial robot.

a pumpkin with multiple, small carvings that is lit from within
A robotically carved, parametric jack-o-lantern.

Our work has included partners such as corporations like Samsung and Nike, museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, business startups that participate in our incubator program, and HUNDREDS of middle school and high school students from Title 1 schools, from Brooklyn to the Bronx.