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Community in Action: Fine Arts Faculty Forum

Research Open House 2021

Dina Weiss and Langdon Graves Amy Khoshbin, Fine Arts Civic Engagement Fellow
School of Art, Fine Arts

After shifting to an online paradigm to deliver our fine arts curriculum last spring, we developed focused faculty forums to prepare for the new landscape of digital learning in the Fall 2020 semester.

white boarding exercise during zoom meeting with Fine Arts faculty
The Fine Arts Forum conducts a white board exercise

Supporting the work done by the Center for Teaching & Learning, we met over six months and gathered critical feedback from faculty. The outcomes and on-going research highlighted that the crucial component to successfully moving online is building and sustaining a strong intersectional community, both in the classroom and among the faculty. Our research focuses on investigating ways we provide an inclusive and engaging learning environment through referencing non-hierarchical pedagogical models.

A screenshot of a student sharing brainstorming and process work adjacent to their milanote board
A student shares their brainstorming and process work in Analia Segal’s class