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Center for Material Science: Research Opportunities for Students

Research Open House 2021

Cindie Kehlet, Enrique Lanz Oca, Mary Lempres, Helio Takai
Karol Murlak, School of Design, Industrial Design
Jason Vigneri-Beane, School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Math and Science

small sheet of shaped plastic
Vacuum formed bioplastics

The Center for Material Science is a new interdisciplinary initiative at Pratt. It focuses on research and applications of new materials aligning with an economic model that preserves the environment and respects social justice.

We are faculty from design, architecture, and math and science who work to develop fabrication methods and design functional products with biodegradable materials. We are also exploring processes for studying and sensing their degradation and environmental impact. Our goal is to bring all this new knowledge to our students to give them a space to explore and participate in research projects.