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Augmenting the Digital Review

Research Open House 2021

Jonathan Scelsa
Yalai Pang, BArch ‘20
Liz Bobyr, BArch ‘23
School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture

Augmenting the Digital Review serves as an investigation into the use of augmented reality technology within early architectural education, as a means of introducing both historical and contemporary tools of abstract making and seeing.

iPhone Augmentation of an Architectural model.
Research Assistant Yalai Pang demonstrates the use of augmented reality to add additional virtual components to an existing 3D printed model.

The research, which culminated in a summer outreach studio, examines how early education can utilize readily accessible smartphone interfaces to develop connections between digital and physical world-building techniques.

The research builds upon the optic history of architectural perspective drawing towards a new form of abstraction and representation using photogrammetry and augmented reality.