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3D Hypersurface

Research Open House 2021

Haresh Lalvani
Matthew Mitchell, MArch ‘20
Jonathan Hamilton, MArch ‘20
William Vandenburg, MArch ‘21
Safa Mehrui, BArch ‘21
Earnest Maxwell, BArch ‘21
Aaron Miranda, BArch ‘21
Juan Contreras, BArch ‘22
Mohamad Fahan, Metal Fabrication Expert (Milfo-Bufkin)
LERA+ Structural Engineers
Lalvani Studio
School of Architecture, Center for Experimental Structures

Digital rendering of Hypersurface, with components of each section color coded, showing how the multiple layers compose the structure.

This multi-year project (interrupted by covid-19) is now in its last phase of fabrication, with the intention of an outdoor installation at Pratt Institute in the Fall of 2021.

The structure is a one-sided minimal surface embedded in higher-dimensional space and constructed from water-jet cut laminated alucobond sheets adhered by a structural glue. Unlike the well-known Klein Bottle, a one-sided 3D version of the 2D Mobius strip, 3D HyperSurface does not intersect itself. It is new. This project continues the CES mission of focusing on melding a morphological discovery with advanced constructive systems and fabrication methods to develop experimental structures.

Digital rendering of Hypersurface structure, showing components parts just before being connected by the joints of the pieces.