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PolyGlossoPhilia—Celebrating Pratt Authors is a cross-institute initiative that brings together authors from various departments and schools of Pratt. There are three components, listed below.


Pratt Institute Libraries:  Brooklyn Campus
Alumni Reading Room
May 5, 2015
5–9 PM
Reception to follow
Open to the public and the Pratt Community


Pratt Institute Libraries:  Brooklyn Campus
Third Floor
April 23–June 5, 2015


Pratt Institute Libraries: Brooklyn Campus
Third Floor
April 23–June 5, 2015

The Pop-up Lounge will include many publications from Pratt authors during the run and will also host authors’ talks proposed and coordinated by authors. Non-circulating copies of books by Pratt-affiliated authors (those participating in PolyGlossoPhilia and others) can be consulted and read onsite.


RiDe (Risk/Dare/Experiment) is a series of educational and cultural episodes that bring various processes related to artistic, intellectual, and design practices into a visible arena. RiDE episodes feature invited artists, designers, writers and creative practitioners from many different fields, as well as Pratt faculty, staff and students across departments and disciplines. They inspire and instigate curricular innovations while bringing to light emerging practices and new disciplinary formations.


Melissa Buzzeo
Megan Montague Cash
Pat Cummings
Maria Damon
Amanda Davidson
Eva Diaz
Lindsay Dye
James Hannaham
Stephen Hilger
Travis Holloway
Adeena Karasick
Peter Kayafas
Heather Lewis
Ira Livingston
Jason Livingston
William Mangold
Scott Menchin
Marsha Morton
Mark Newgarden
Kyle Olmon
Amir Parsa
Deborah Schneiderman
Robbin Silverberg
Christopher Vitale
Kit White
Ofer Wolberger
Pirco Wolframm

Author’s Talks


May 11, 12:30–2
What Are Networkologies?


May 11, 5 PM, Book Launch (in Alumni Reading Room)
Poetics as a Theory of Everything


May 28, 2015, 12:30–2
The Treatise as Manifesto

A unique and striking fusion of poetic prose, philosophy, and stylistic acrobatics, Tractatüus Philosophiká-Poeticüus is a theoretical, mythopoetic work that uses various narrative and dramatic techniques and devices to fashion a new genre, one that is engaged with critical discourses even while it reads like a fantastical and labyrinthine story. First published in Paris in 2000 in its original English along with a suite of Parsa’s multilingual works, this bold and hallucinatory text depicts the path of writing through the deployment of a group of anonymous wanderers and a constantly metamorphosing ‘I’. With its constant reframing and reformulations, its changes of rhythms and tones, its manipulation and treatment of textual unfoldings, Tractatüus Philosophiká-Poeticüus uses the parameters and the dynamics of the reading experience, along with mythological and intertextual explorations, to construct an ingenious and beguiling treatise. The book continues to defy convenient classification and tackles, through formal and stylistic innovations, the very possibilities and limits of literature and its potential for offering new visions of the world—and new relationships to the world.


May 5, 2015, 5–9 PM
Alumni Reading Room
Pratt Library, Brooklyn Campus

Amir Parsa + Maria Damon + Russ Abell

1. Book/Prints (5:30–6:30)
Robbin Silverberg, Subterranean Geography I and Gilded Manhattan
Lindsay Dye, Camgirls and Formaldehyde
Scott Menchin, Grandma in Blue with Red Hat

2. Edu/Histories (6:30–7:15)
Heather Lewis, New York City’s Public Schools From Brownsville to Bloomberg: Community Control and its Legacy
Pirco Wolframm, Eva Zeisel: Life, Design, and Beauty
Marsha Morton, Max Klinger and Wilhelmine Culture: On the Threshold of German Modernism
James Hannaham, Delicious Foods

3. Light/Works (7:15–8)
Stephen Hilger, Lee Friedlander: The Printed Picture 
Kyle Olmon, Lancome Pop-up Press Kit
Jason Livingston, Designing With Light: The Art, Science, and Practice of Architectural Lighting Design
Melissa Buzzeo, The Devastation

4. Crossing/Lines (8–8:45)
Chris Vitale, Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age – A Manifesto
Travis Holloway, What’s These Worlds Coming To? (translation of book by Nancy, Jean Luc and Barrau, Aurelien)
Deborah Schneiderman, Inside Prefab: The Ready-made Interior and The Prefab Bathroom: An Architectural History
Adeena Karasick, The Medium Is The Muse (Channeling Marshall McLuhan) and This Poem