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Examples of Syllabi and Assignments

Students listen to their professor discuss sculptures laid out in front of her.

We offer these examples so that anyone proposing a PIC can examine the syllabi (as well as Assignment examples), critique and engage with them and analyze how they are targeting the PIC outcomes. They are meant to be tools for potential future PIC instructors to use for their own purposes as they design and reflect upon their syllabi. As PICs are developed in the coming years, we will post the syllabi of some approved PICs.

The syllabi offer different approaches and subject matter. They all integrate the PIC outcomes and description, and aspire to lead a majority of students to become competent in two or three of the PIC outcomes as articulated on the PIC Integrative Learning rubric.

Syllabi Examples

Interwoven: Textiles, Culture and Technology

Games, Glitches and Creativity

A Line. A Robot: Motion and Meaning

Another Earth

Blind Home


Assignment Examples

Assignment Brainstorms and Examples

Principles and Practices of Integrative Liberal Learning