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FAQ: Pratt Integrative Courses (PICs)

What are Pratt Integrative Courses?

The Pratt Integrative Courses (PICs) are designed as interdisciplinary explorations of a wide range of possible content, putting into practice multiple ways of thinking and ways of making. Students will acquire and integrate skills and competencies from both studio and general education classes, recombining them in novel and unexpected ways that test, challenge, and expand their creative/critical capacities. The PICs constitute an integrative opportunity in students’ overall Pratt learning experience, an engagement in a cross-disciplinary and collaborative environment that can also nourish their future work in their majors and the capstone projects related to their disciplines.

Do I have to take a PIC?

It depends! PICs are required for all undergraduates in the School of Art and the School of Design, plus BFA students in the department of History of Art and Design (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences). They constitute a new offering within the NEW revised BFAs for all departments in the School of Art and School of Design.

Which PIC do I have to take?

You do not have to take a particular Pratt Integrative Course. Every semester, over 20 PICs are offered. You can choose which PIC you take. You just have to take one from the menu of offerings for your required PIC.

If I’m not required to take a PIC, can I take one anyway?

Yes! They can be taken by all students across the institute as an all-Institute elective (although students in SoD, SoA, and HAD will have enrollment priority). Again, you should look at the menu of the PICs and take the ones you are interested in.

Can I take more than one PIC?


How many credits does a PIC fulfill?

3 credits

When does one take a PIC?

Semester 5 and 6 (and at times in senior year). You can take a PIC as an elective in your junior and senior years. Exceptionally, students in their sophomore year may be able to take a PIC as an elective.