Add funds online at For PrattBucks accounts only, add money using cash at the Cash Station located in the Machinery building, outside the MCC Lab.



Meal Plan

On-Campus Locations

C Store, Willoughby Hall 718.636.3477        X
Higgins Hall Cafe, Higgins Hall 718.636.3477        X
Main Dining Room, North Hall 718.636.3477        X
Pi Shop, Main Building 718.636.3477        X
Starbucks throughout campus        X
Pratt Copy Center, ISC Building, Room 105 718.636.3691      X  
Print Labs and Copy Stations throughout campus      X  

Off-Campus Locations

Fresh Fanatic, 88 Washington Ave  888.373.7404      X  
Farmer in the Deli, 543 Myrtle Ave 718.875.9067      X  
Primrose Cafe, 147 Greene Ave 718.789.7890      X  
TB Coffee House, 578 Myrtle Ave 917.397.2719      X